What Our Parents Say About Us


I am Jyothi mother of Praful P. Shenoy. My ward is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder as per the assessments done by the therapists at Small wonders. According to the assessment result we were told that he would have to be given SPEECH, BEHAVIOUR, AND OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIES respectively.Initially he did not have good eye contact, sitting tolerance, speech, name call response etc. Once i started taking therapy at small wonders he started gaining all the above mentioned qualities. He never used to identify things or say things told to be repeated which was improved under his speech therapist Amirtha. Guidance of Amirtha gave me a lot of confidence and this help me to make some improvement in his speech. As told he never used to sit in a place nor had any eye contact, this was improved through OT. Joined effort of the therapists Fasil sir, Harikrishnan sir, Arjun sir, and Shamrood sir brought in a great and huge improvement in my child. I must also say that his behavioural modification was done under behavioural analyst Nasifa.. She did play an important role in modifying his behaviours. He was having the habit self hurting and hurting others which was solved by her. Joining small wonders brought a markable imrpovement in my child. I thank all for the great support and guidance given to me. Last but not the least i would like to thank Sajna mam for her support..