Empower Life Foundation

Empower Life Foundation is a public charitable trust founded for the rehabilitation of children with special needs. This is achieved through early intervention and therapeutic treatments to bring down the severity of the developmental issues and neurological disorders. Subsequently children are provided with disabilities support, special education and support for learning disabilities. We focus on improving the capabilities of all such children so that their effective rehabilitation is assured and they are properly integrated into our societies.


Our mission is to provide treatment and training for children with special needs. We aims to create opportunities for children to master developmental tasks, increase performance capacity, achieve great functional skills and independence at home, school and community and thus help and support children and their parents towards a better tomorrow.

  • To become pioneer in the field of Rehabilitation.
  • Emerge as a trustworthy and reliable institution providing relief to patients seeking rehabilitation Objectives.

  • To provide therapeutic service for special need children.
  • To develop strategies for delivery of rehabilitation services.
  • To stimulate growth of services in the field of rehabilitation by encouraging and supporting the parents group, self help group etc.
  • To enhance special need children for exploring their skills.
  • To undertake public education program for creation of awareness in community regarding special need children.
  • To undertake research and development.
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