School Readiness Program

Most of the regular schools are not equipped with or do not intend to take that extra to needed to train children with developmental delays or special needs. At small wonders, we have designed a School Readiness Program (SRP) to prepare children with developmental delays and special needs for attending the main stream schools by equipping them with the necessary coping mechanisms and learning skills.


The phase of transition from Home to School is the time of an emotional turmoil and stress to both parents and children. This is even more stressful in case of children with special needs. Most of the children who are diagnosed with development delays and special needs can later on progress in to a main stream school at some point or other, provided they need to be taught about the skills to cope. Lack of these skills would lead them to a social isolation and ultimately affect their school life itself.

School readiness program at small wonders helps children learn about typical school activities and class room skills and manners. School rituals like sitting on the floor, how to behave at the table for lessons and activities, taking turns, working in groups, responding and following the teacher’s instruction and taking care of themselves. With its comprehensive and personalized approach, this program is found to be very effective with new methodologies and techniques. Therapies and modules specific to each child ensure that the child develops the necessary skills to achieve the goal of a smooth transition into a main stream school. Children from small wonders have successfully made it to the regular schools by attending this program. This program gives lot of confidence to the parents by giving children the opportunity to learn and practice a wide range of tasks encountered at school even before they actually face them.

Small wonders recommends one/two hour sessions for three to five days a week for one year, based on the assessment report of the children. For the optimum results, children should undergo this program for one year around (8 – 12 months) before joining a main stream school. This will give them the proper transition support to get into the real life situation.

  • If your child has been recently diagnosed for a Developmental Delay/ Autism Spectrum Disorder, he/she can be admitted into this program.
  • You need to consult our child psychologist along with the child’s most recent evaluation/ assessment report.
  • Admission to this program is accepted through out the year.